Use of Choice Reviews to Build the Geosciences Collection

J. M. Yap, A. Kozhayeva


Objective. The Nazarbayev University School of Mining and Geosciences was established in 2016 to study and conduct research on the vast mineral reserves of the country. The school now has three bachelor’s programs, two master’s programs and the recently launched PhD program. The purpose of the study is to determine how many subjects from Choice Reviews are already part of the collection, and how many the library needs to buy to create a good geological collection. Methods. Introducing new programs, it is important to identify the academic and additional resources that will need to be offered during training. In 2018, the library acquired Choice Reviews Online to help the subject librarians create good discipline-oriented collection. Results. According to the survey, only 12.5% of the list is part of an existing print collection, and 87.5% should be added as a potential collection of mining and geology sciences. The analysis of e-book collection is as follows: 55% of the list is already part of this collection, and 45% of the library is required to be purchased when developing an e-book collection. Conclusions. The university has only just begun to develop the field of mining and geology, so there is still time to expand the library's collection of these disciplines. Subject librarians are interested in adding important titles from standardized Choice Reviews tools; as well, they should review and identify various resources that are relevant to the promotion of research to acquire them.


mining and geosciences, collection development, earth sciences, Choice

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