Promoting Scientific Researches of IHE Scientists: Comprehensive Solutions

O. О. Poberezhna


Objective. One of the main tasks of the University Library today is to create a new additional effective virtual environment for research activities - its own open access electronic information resources. The work is aimed at considering virtual communication forms of representing scientific achievements of researchers of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTU “KhPI”) in various fields of science, production and industry. Methods. Using the example of specific bio bibliographic scientific projects (schools), which are being developed in KhPI Scientific and Technical Library, a comprehensive approach to their realization is considered. Results. Due to a comprehensive approach, the concept of information integration was first implemented – the electronic resources of the Library site, the University repository and electronic and paper versions of the journal were combined. Conclusions. Only through joint efforts of scientists and librarians can we promote and disseminate the results of university research in the modern scientific and educational space and raise the ranking and image of our university among higher education institutions of Ukraine and the world.


KhPI scientific schools; promotion of scientist's achievements; scientist's bio-bibliography; own electronic resources

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